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  • sports-related university professors
  • sports-related academicians
  • sports researchers
  • sports authors
  • sports executives
  • university coaches
  • athletic directors
  • sports information directors
  • related professional persons

Voice Of The Fans National Sports Alliance (VOTF) may be searching for YOU! Approximately 200 members will be accepted as (compensated) Editorial Advisory Board members.

You are invited to read the following information to help you determine your level of interest in applying for an appointment to this board. After reading these pages, if you would like to go to the next step, you are asked to email information about yourself on the attached form. VOTF will then work with you to determine if your talents, experience and expertise match those that VOTF is seeking.

Certain benefits are available to EAB members including a substantial financial stipend (up to $7,000 annually) to help recognize their valuable involvement and contribution.

Those EAB members accepted will join a think-tank of sports-industry insiders who embrace values that VOTF has identified as critical to the future of sports. These values include:

  • the social responsibility to recognize the impact of sports on society;
  • the loyal standards of morality to take the high road when speaking for America's kids and families;
  • the decency to know why sports and education without character is not only worthless, but dangerous;
  • the intellectual prowess to discern "when to go for it" and "when to punt";
  • the personal integrity to speak up with practiced equanimity in an agitated crowd;
  • the detachment to appreciate that the spirit in which victory or defeat is taken is much more important than the actual result of the game;
  • the determined confidence and personal resolve to never give up;
  • the creativity and ingenuity to see solutions where others see none;
  • a philosophical commitment to participatory social change;
  • the patience to implement the use of democratic problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills whenever possible in American society;
  • the idealism to note that this list is grossly incomplete.

Seminars and training experiences will be available to EAB members to help them fill out their individual professional sports perspectives as they relate to these pre-emptive values.

If you wish to proceed to the next step, please fill in your name, email address, phone number, etc. and click-on "submit." You will then be provided with additional information about the overall concept, a non-disclosure agreement to read and acknowledge, and instructions for proceeding.

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VOTF is accepting applications for 200 EAB board members. Click here for initial application form.

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